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Experience marketing demand and fukuda thunder signed $two hundred million overseas orders

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The author understands, weifang enterprise fukuda thunder, heavy industry with Sri Lanka's government recently signed a purchase contract value 200 million yuan, covers the agricultural equipment, engineering machinery involved vehicles and other products, this is also in recent years, China's export amount on the asia-pacific region's largest machinery and equipment for government procurement projects.
The experience to win big
As domestic mechanical equipment manufacturing leading backbone enterprises, in 2009 Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry began to Sri Lanka market, export of rice harvest machinery, tractors and small engineering machinery, in the local enjoy praise, laid the foundation of market, vigorously promote the sustainable development of the country's market.
In August of this year, Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry at the scene of the engineering mechanical test base organized a presentation, invited the sri lankan government officials and experts to the scene view loader operation. Sri Lanka, an expert on loader in person, after half an hour's shovel operations, gave high praise on the spot. Based on ray products market situation in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka's government executives believe the thunder, engineering machinery, tractor and engineering vehicles in the market adaptability, economy, reliability, fully meet the country's construction need, thus safely to the purchasing contract delivery Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industries.
Fukuda thunder, heavy industry overseas big customer business, vice minister of psoriasis, said "the success of this order to get benefit from the company good product performance and brand influence, all for the end of December delivery customers."
Experience marketing admired
Since the fukuda thunder, heavy industry since the "experiential marketing" was carried out by not regularly organize the exhibition, presentation, tasting and product promotion, and the spread of all kinds of advertising, to achieve the perfect marketing effect. Advanced, intuitive, and that it has obvious advantages by the vast number of users generally accepted and loved, made a lot of sales.
Russian engineering machinery show in June, ray loader with "China's first loader street dance", effectively improve customer word-of-mouth, the sign of more than 30 Taiwan, more than 100 dollars in the value, more than expected.
"Experiential marketing" can not only for customers to understand the characteristics of the product, can make more customers have trust on the product. At the end of July held overseas division tractor presentation, a customers from southeast Asia to 90 horsepower tractor driving a ray, in experience, after spraying machine and the target of driving by ray walter tractor superior job performance and efficient job convinced by the quality, the scene is signed 40 units of the order.
Overseas department since the implementation of "experiential marketing", to achieve all kinds of orders more than Taiwan, about a third of the proportion of overseas sales.
The fair
On October 15-19, the 116th China import and export fair (Canton fair) opened in guangzhou. This exhibition, fukuda heavy industry with new development three in 25, 50, 85 horsepower ray walter series tractors, ray walter FL936F - Ⅱ upgrade loader, a best-selling export motorcycle products and two high-performance ray ray walter four-cylinder engine and generator set in dressed up.
In the 100 - square - meter outdoor construction machinery exhibition, fukuda thunder heavy booth packed, the receptionist inundated with answer with all kinds of consultation. An agricultural machinery buyers from southeast Asia said: "Mr Ray, heavy industry as one of the most influential brand in southeast Asia, believe that the new machine will soon cover southeast Asia."
During the fair, Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry received more than 350 customers, to reach more than 200 orders.

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